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Assessment & Learning

Whether you are a student trying to pin point your English proficiency level, forward looking executive crafting out your career path, or a language educator seeking a better solution for your students, Connectere provides the right measurement solutions.

Your TOEIC® scores can:

Let you stand out in job opportunities with leading global organizations that value candidates who can speak and write well in English;
Demonstrate your ability to communicate with co-workers and clients coming from various countries and cultures;
Cause a positive effect in hiring decisions and employment opportunities;
Create new opportunites within a company.
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Want to improve your English proficiency or prepare for TOEIC? Find out more about the 2 learning courses offered to you.


  • Speaking
  • Speaking & Writing
  • Listening & Reading

How do you show your English Speaking ability in a resume?
Excellent, Good, or Bad? Most would mention excellent isn’t it? But, by whose standard?

Stand out from the rest by having the globally recognised English tests score to proof your English proficiency level.

TOEIC® Speaking tests are the widely recognised assessments of English-language speaking skills for the workplace.

Include TOEIC® tests score in your CV and see opportunities you never knew before.

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Official Learning and Preparation Course

The TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course (OLPC) is the first & only online skill-building and test prep program created by the makers of the TOEIC test.
It provides individuals preparing to take the TOEIC Listening and Reading test with a competitive advantage for success on the test.

It includes a learning management system to enable organizations to utilize the course for classroom, blended, or distance learning programs.

Watch this short demonstration video (Flash) to see the course features in action.

Visit our Corporate site or contact us now ( for more info.

Ready to improve your TOEIC Scores?